IT Asset Management System


The client needed the marketplace for the asset management where it was supposed to be the role-based system. Where the different roles needed to assign with certain permissions. This system’s objective is to provide the asset management of the particular company, where the certain assigned user will add the details about the assets, contract details which have been done for the assets, also the reports need to be maintained accordingly.

Business Needs


The client needed a manageable system to manage all the required assets to save money, products, labor, or resources.

The entire collection of the assets needed to monitor, manage and support the IT services.

The client also needed to maintain the location information for the assets so that it could be easy to track whenever it is required and also the inventory could be managed.

To secure business interests and guarantee consistency with licensing agreements, allocated software licenses must be precisely followed by the client, device, purchase date, version, and related variables.



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To provide a required web solution as per the client's requirement our team has developed the solution for the IT Asset Management. Which is a product to manage various assets of the company in an efficient way, so that by minimal efforts of a user asset's full details can be maintained. It is the SaaS-based product which handles User and its roles, all the asset details, Contract and attachment details, Software and its License details, Purchase order details, configuration, and custom reports. It covers major details like when any asset is coming to the company its entry should be maintained.

Our team has also developed the Dynamic role management where the role wise operation management can be done. So each type of user can perform various operations, based on an assigned role.

We have also provided the Software master which can be maintained with the system as per the requirement. Each software will have its manufacturer details, software category, and software type. Software license details can be managed in the system.

We have also focused the development on the 'License agreement' details and purchase order for the same can be managed by the new system. On license, expiry notification can be sent to the configured person. Custom attributes can be maintained for license agreement too as it is for the product type.

The report can be generated by the system for the various assets and its state. How assets are linked with different users and other assets. The workstation used software, asset ownership, Software license agreement details, virtual host details, etc. Graphical representation should be used to give an overall idea of reports. The custom report can be generated by the system as per the user selects the details.



  • The client needed a system with predefined attributes to add assets/products as well as the dynamic attributes to be added as it is a SaaS-based project. Thus, it was challenging to manage the predefined and dynamic attribute entry.

  • Also, it was challenging to manage the analytical reports for each user.

  • It was difficult for us to aggregate the software and the dashboard relationship.

Business benefits


Get through unexpected repairs and other property issues easily.

The best time to purchase new assets can be known whenever it is required.

The system helped the client to calculate depreciation expenses accurately.

Simple access, self-benefit work for the user.

Difficulties before Requirements


  • Data tracking was the difficulty, when there is an issue arrived then the user needs to check the old data, it was difficult to track an previously added data.

  • The client needed to maintain and manage the huge amount of data manually by writing the excel sheets for each asset of the company's workstation, division or branch.

Timeline with Man Hours


6 Months 3000+ Hours

Tools and Technologies