Very well said by Steve Wynn,
“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

Not today, but tomorrow or maybe later, You’re going to add people. If your vision for a big company, you have to multiple hands with skilled people to achieve your vision.

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Vital Factors

Employee Profile Management
Real-Time Attendance Management
Leave Tracking Management
Accounting/Payroll Management
Meeting/Conference Room Reservation
Administrative Management

The actual work of HR will start after people are onboarded. It starts with creating employee profile, keeping their documents, past work history, attendance, salary and many more. It is always good to have Human Resource Management System to keep track of all these. Our HRMS solution does the same.

Employee Profile Management

In this module, an employee will have their own dashboard, view their profile with details, their joining & probation dates, attached documents with their profile. Also, They can download and many more options.


There are role based dashboard like for HR, Functional manager and General. According, They’ll get an access.

Add Employees

The employee will be added, managed with their documents, their designation, department details.

Employee’s Personal Information

The employee can manage their personal details like area of interest, contact details, their bank account details, etc.

Employee’s Professional Details

The employee’s professional information is maintained as employment status, joining details, pay scale and progression details.

Employee’s Experience Details

This section comprises with employee’s certification details, educational details, past experience information & their skill set details.

Real-Time Attendance Management

View Attendance

An Employees can view an attendance on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis which has been automatically recorded in the system.

Payroll report generation

The payroll reports are being generated for each employee on the basis of the attendance reports. This makes much easier for HR.

Attendance request

In this section, Employee add attendance request. Through this employee can add work from home, Manage their miss-punch as well.

This module will cover the activity of each employee’s attendance and Its report. Here, Real-time attendance records tracked by Bio metric system through which employees can track their attendance, miss punch and In-out entries in the entire day.

Leave Tracking Management

This module includes the tracking management of the leaves for all the employees. Where the employees can view their assigned leave balance.

Leave Requests/Attendance Request

This encompasses the process of adding the leave request by the employee. This request will directly sent to the reporting person to get approved.

Leave Balance

This section includes the information of the leave balance of an employee. Where balance defined for each type of leaves and an employee can view their leave balance.


This section showcase the yearly public holidays for employees from Company.

Meeting/Conference Room Reservation


All account can view all reservation has done for their reservation. Even, Check for any past and upcoming days reservation, too.


Under this option, Present day reservation displayed and on another side you can make a reservation. Reservation form includes details We have added custom form.

My Reservation

Displayed all reservation has done by particular account.

This section redirects to book any meeting rooms or conference and reservation notify through email. Even, Give reminder email to all involved attendees.

Accounting/Payroll Management

It involves about salary slip of each employee and other account/payroll related operations to make easy for HR.

Generate salary Slip

Every employee can generate salary slip for certain time periods from view salary slip segment.

Administrative Management


Employees get notification for greetings like work anniversary, birthday, marriage anniversary etc. HR and functional manager notify through email with their pertinent team required matters.

Support Ticket Management

This section comprehend the process of generating support ticket management for particular department.


This option helps to share their valuable suggestion. Even, This suggestion would be anonymous, won’t share name of employee.

This section covers HR policy document, other department related training document and blog & forum credential to access. our solution has the performance management feature that provides feedback on employee performance more frequently. Employees’ goals and action plans are detailed as well as feedback from his/her functional managers. Both employee self-assessments and manager’s assessments are included.

Business Benefits

HRMS is keeping records of all employees at one place. It’s systematic approach of Workforce, Optimization of day to day Human Resource process with our HRMS solution.

Our solution transforms the whole human resources of organization to boost efficiency and productivity.

It helps organization to performance of management through real time report, motivation to employees, workforce management and automated processes.

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