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Time Tracker

Have your team works overseas or working from home? Are you get difficulties in measuring productive work, employee attendance, employee in time, out time, break time during remote work? Time Tracker is the solution that perfectly overcomes your stress and your organization will get more productive work from the team and you will get profit under the eagle eyes of the tracker.

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We have created the Time Tracker application because the "Work From Home" culture trend is on pick after the Covid-19 pandemic situation and productivity is the foremost concern of any organization. During "Work From Home", It's tough for management to keep watch on employees what is being done at home during working hours. Sometimes employee spends extrinsic time at home without knowing the significance of the work and organization has to suffer/loss.

Time Tracker application is the solution that helps the organization to increase the productivity of the team.


Active Users Dashboard

Active User Dashboard

Straight Forward result by showing those users who are currently be tracked through time tracker.

Advance Filter
Advanced Filter

System will also provide advanced filter to show in-active users who are not using the tracker application. So management knows about that.

Active user
Active Users

System will provide active users' tracking summary report for management so it is easily identified overall status of each user on one screen instead of going to individual user’s detail page.


User Details

Provides excellent detailed information about user showing Productive Time, Idle Time, Minimum and Maximum key strokes, Screenshots, Time slots and option to generate report in form of PDF.

User Details
Product Service Catalog
Key stocks and Mouse clicks

Time Tracker also counts the keyboard key strokes and mouse clicks while time is being tracked. So it will be known that how many total key stocks and how many total click counts are tracked during the entire day. It will be helpful for the management to judge productivity.

Vendir Management
Time Slots

Time Tracker tracks time in slots at which time the user has worked during the entire day. Additionally, it shows total productive time and idle time for the day.

Product Service Catalog

This is the most powerful feature of the Time Tracker application. It monitors the activity and captures the screen on a specific interval so the wasting of time of the team is identified quickly.


Dynamic Configuration

Dynamic Configuration

This feature is the heart of the application by which everything is set as per the user's choice like at which interval screenshots have been captured, while taking the screenshot what will be the resolution of an image, what will be the width and height of the image. The entire application, each and everything is configurable so any organization can set the working style of Time Tracker as per individual preference.

Time to Start
Time to Start Day

This configuration provides flexibility to organization to set starting time of the day. Day is changed at 00:00 AM at mid-night and so people who worked in night shift those time tracking reports are spitted in two days but by setting this configuration, day is counted from time which is set here to next 24 hours and single report is generate for entire day.

Ideal Activity
Idle Activity Configuration

This configuration helps organization to detect the users who doesn’t do anything during working hours and stops the tracker automatically if such activity continues. System will check screen shot count randomly as per this configuration and stopped the tracker.


Employees Module

Employee Module

This will list all the employees of the organization with the option to update details. Additionally, the new employees can be created manually as well as invited by email.

Screenshot Rights
Screenshot Rights

Here, there is also an option to configure whether to show screenshots rights to the user or not while adding the employee.


Desktop Application

Desktop Application

The desktop application is shared with every team member by which the user can log in and do start and stop time tracking.Users' screenshots are captured from this desktop application and uploads to the server at specific intervals.

offline Mode
Offline Mode

The application will also be worked in offline mode so while using tracker if internet connectivity loss, tracker time will be continued, and screenshot capturing will also be queued. As soon as the online mode founds, the Pending sync queue will process.

Business Benefits

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Productivity and efficiency is the key benefits of the organization where it reveals that entire team work progressively which creates efficient result as well as if someone is distracted by other activities that immediately detected and corrective action will be taken that improves productivity.

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System is useful for all level of the organization starting from small groups to large group of people, whether they are working in one premise or working remotely across countries.

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Powerful report shows data statistically as well as graphically that predict the team performance and decision has been taken that leads organization to increase profit.

Time Tracker Benefits

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