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Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform. It is mainly used for enterprise content management and document management. Over the period of time, Microsoft has added a lot more new features like new user experience, enterprise social, OneDrive integration, Yammer, Dynamics 365, Flow, PowerApp, Power BI and many more to SharePoint, which makes SharePoint an application platform for building and engaging different solutions. It is a one-stop-shop application platform for building enterprise applications.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development
SharePoint Development Services

SharePoint is a unique and powerful platform. Since the early days to the latest release it has included almost all enterprise level feature that any organization needs. With it, you can easily develop applications like Intranet, Extranet, Content Management, Web Content Management, Enterprise Search, Workflow management and many more. SharePoint is an application server developed on top of .NET Framework which makes it easy for developers to extend it capability using out-of-the-box features or custom coding.


SharePoint Implementation

SharePoint Implementation
SharePoint Implementation Services

SharePoint Implementation can be done in three different ways: On-Premise, Online and Cloud. Each version has its own features and capability which is different than the others. On-premise and Hybrid need specific hardware and software whereas Cloud provides pick and start use. Organization can choose best fit for their need and start implementing it the way they feel easy for end users. In few clicks you can build team site, project site and DMS where users can start collaboration.


SharePoint Add-In Development

SharePoint Add-in Development
SharePoint Add-in Development Services

One of the important invention of Microsoft SharePoint team is SharePoint Add-in. There are two types of Add-in development possible: SharePoint Hosted and Provider Hosted. Add-ins are hosted externally from the SharePoint Farm or SharePoint Online Subscription. The external component can be developed in any web-hosting stack like ASP.NET or LAMP. Add-ins are very useful to isolate business logic to external hosting. You can develop and distribute Add-ins via Microsoft Store.


SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration
Sharepoint Migration Services

SharePoint Migration is either manual or automated process that lets you migrate all the content that you have in your existing on-premise file share or SharePoint to either new or existing on-premise SharePoint or SharePoint Online. We can do SharePoint migration by one of the following way:

  • Scripted migration
  • 3rd party migration tool
  • Attach database upgrade
  • Site collection upgrade
  • Manual migration
  • In-place upgrade


SharePoint Integration Services

SharePoint Integration
SharePoint Integration Services

SharePoint is an excellent collaboration tool. It provides easy options to get connected with almost any heterogeneous system. Every enterprise application is unique so every integration is unique based on enterprise need. SharePoint can easy integrate with enterprise applications like CRM, ERP and other custom applications.


SharePoint Administration Services

SharePoint Administration
SharePoint Administration Services

Whether it is on-premise or online each system requires administration by one way or another so SharePoint is not the exception. Typical SharePoint administration includes but not limited to:

  • SharePoint server installation
  • SharePoint server configuration
  • SharePoint services configuration
  • Backup and restore
  • Custom application backup and restore.
  • SharePoint server upgrade and patch management
  • SharePoint hybrid configuration and maintenance

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