Document Management

Have you ever observed how many paper documents are come across in your day to day workflow? If still, you are accessing them in paper form, then we are sure you will be running out of your file cabinet to store those documents. Nowadays, there are possibilities for documents to keep them organized, secure and single hub to access from anywhere. Our DMS solution can help you to go paperless.

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Vital Factors

Effective Document
Search Service
Document check In and check Out
Hierarchical Storage and Versioning
Easy External Sharing

We have created solution to overcome document management with systematic approach. It’s full customized solution with different custom web parts to achieve the different functionality in the Document management system and easy that non technical person can operate.

Effective Document

Create Document

Custom form, where users can upload any type of document with metadata like Document Author, Document Category, Document Tag etc.

View Document

With this option, Users can view the document with metadata property and also can see the document download link.

Edit Document

Custom form, where users can Edit document metadata property as well as the document itself.

Document Version History

A unique copy of previous version of document is stored and retrieved any moment of time

Search Service

Basic Search

A handy search option where you can search documents by name.

Advanced Search

More specific search, where you can search documents by different options like document number, document name, document category, etc.

Document check In and check Out

Manual Changes

Document Check In/Check Out manually from the Edit page.

Bulk Changes

There is also options available to Check-In/Undo Check-out documents in bulk.

Business Benefits

With the help of DMS, the paper and storage space can be eliminate. The documents can be accessible wherever and whenever.

The DMS let you protect classified business data through security approaches.

Using central repository for documents can provide an easy way to organize an important documents.

With advanced archiving as a backup, the documents are shielded from flame, flood and different calamities.

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